Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Chubbies!

These have been selling like hotcakes...no complaints here! Just had so share my 2 new fav sets of Chubbies.

The girls set * Tweet Tweet Baby Girl* has fabric from designer Joel Dewberry, love his fabric!

The boys set is crafted from Windham Fabrics, I just love this colors. Perfect for the *Modern Little Man*

My fabric stash is now well originized thanks to my Mom & Grandma, I can now see that I have a serious problem (well I don't see it as a problem, others may). And yet, I'm ready for another trip back down to the Fabric Shack!!! New fabric to come!!!

It's SPRING for real!!

Ohhh I am loving my new camera!!! Here I am enjoying for the 1st time since we have lived here, our 2 tulip trees (not really sure of the technical name). Last year a bad frost killed them all before they had a chance to bloom. But this year they are out and blooming beautifully. So I was up on a ladder to get these shots, partially raining at times, still cold, but look at these pics! Can't wait to get them enlarged!