Monday, April 7, 2014

His Perfect Provision. His Perfect Time.

Sometimes I feel like this all isn't even real.
I don't know how to explain that.
Like we will be traveling in WEEKS!
Maybe it's the extreme exhaustion.
The prep for our Adopt Art Fundraiser Sale was NUTS!!
Each day would bring a craft donation showing up in the mail,
to another texted picture from my very talented sister, Dad or Mom of their newest creation.
My mom helped out sooooo much!!
Somehow with a serious team effort this all came together!
Partnering with the Thompson family, this event was truly AMAZING!

even the kids had their own table of creations
Rainbow loom bracelets made while you wait!
My nephew Elijah has been making Para Cord Bracelets to order!
His donations have been such a blessing to my heart!
Can you read their note?  It says "Tips For Tess"
Cracking me up these two!
They sure are excited about their new sister!!


 Can you believe all this?
And that's not all of it!!!
Wish I could have fit all of it into one pic!
And the people who came....
wished I could have hugged each and every one of you!
You all are part of Tessa Joy's story!!!
What a blessing to us!

Our friends are going to be matched with their precious one SOON!
We are so excited to see WHO God has planned for them!
Here is our "after" pic
At this point I was running on pure adrenaline.
AND I turned 40 that day!
Sure did feel like it!! 
At the end of the day, we counted up the $ that came in...
we all took a guess.
The total amount that was given was...OVER $4,000!!!!!
Yep there were tears.
There were audible "Praise God!"
Both families blown away!!
We separated the $ each family was due.
Here's where this gets CRAZY...
Our family is at the point of our adoption process where we have our single largest fee so far due.
It's called an Orphanage "fee" (gift)
Even though Tessa Joy is not at her orphanage (she's in a foster home)
this gift will go towards other children and their needs as they wait for their forever family.
This fee is due NOW.
Not next month.
It is $5,700!!! (gulp)
I can't write a check for that (just being transparent here)
Now, let me share with you that a couple weeks ago, Nate shocked me with some news.
It's been many years since we have received a Fed. Tax Refund.
BUT, this past year I wasn't working for half of it!
And that bumped us down into a lower bracket...
which lead to this....
So going into the Art Fundraiser Sale
I was already blown away by this check coming to us.
Thank you Lord!!
Was I still worried about the $ that was due NOW?
Was Nate worried?
He's got this thing with understanding and putting in to practice "be anxious for nothing, but in prayer and petition with thanksgiving, present your requests to God" ~ Philippians 4:6
He is such an example to me what this looks like lived out.
He just doesn't worry.
I collected the cash and checks from the fundraiser sale.
I headed to the bank.
I have to tell you how much I love my bank, love the ladies that work there.
one of the managers is so kind and she knows our story.
So she had me sit at her desk while I filled out my deposit slip.
She handed me her calculator and I asked her to pull up my account.
We also accepted credit card payments at our sale via the Square.
She showed me that deposit that came in from the Square.
Then we added the cash & checks.
Here are those two deposits.
I added one more thing in (remember that tax refund?)
Then with the tears starting to flow...
I told her that I was sorry for crying at her desk
She's so sweet...I think I saw tears in her eyes...she handed me the tissue box...told me it's ok to cry.
Because I told her we needed $5,700 NOW for our orphanage fee.
Then I turned her calculator around so she could see the total...
Usually there aren't tears like this at the bank.
Are you seeing this???
That's right.
HE DID THIS!!!!!!!!
Every. Single. Time.