Monday, September 9, 2013

Let Him Refinish us!

So we just may start out like this dresser
We may be pretty dusty and rough around the edges
We may have sat in a garage, un-used, un-loved, un-appreciated, un-touched for wayyyy to long
But when the time is JUST RIGHT...
We open up to Him. And He pours into us
There is some work to be done

Because He sees the potential, the finished work
And to get there, there is time that must pass
There is scrubbing, washing, sanding that is critical for the completed work to be the quality that He knows is deep down in there
If you don't allow Him to do this sometimes painful work, what He has planned just won't have the effect that He has in store!
Sometimes the sanding takes a strong tool, there are some major pieces of us that need a process to take place that brings us down to the raw
That way we will truly be available for the stain of HIM
Sometimes the sanding that takes place uses a gentle, moldable tool.  It doesn't hurt as much, but it gets into those little grooves that just can't be neglected
Sand. Wash. Dry.
And when the time is right....
Each of the parts have to be taken out, hardware removed, insides cleaned out and THEN we are ready to be primed
My projects ALWAYS take longer than I know they should
Geesh, I think I (CAPITAL I) should know how long these projects should take
Isn't my timeline good enough?
Can't we speed this process along?
Is each step necessary?
*If* I would have skipped through this...
*If* HE would have rushed through this...
The results wouldn't be just the way He wants them to be
*I* wouldn't be WHO HE wants me to be
Looking back, I now appreciate His process
I have a glimpse of why it's all necessary
And I wouldn't have it any other way
He doesn't look past any detail
He finished even the insides to be fresh, clean and ready to be FILLED UP and spilled out!
I am so thankful of how patient He is with us!!!
And the work isn't done
There is always cleaning to be done!
Thankful that I will always NEED my Creator!