Saturday, June 26, 2010

gettn' ready

We are just days away from heading back down to Trinidad for the 3rd time!!! We are so excited!!! I've been getting myself mentally prepared for life there...the simple it should be. I've had fun adding my craft to this adventure prep. I've made a few shirts showing how much we love Siparia, Trinidad & Tobago!

So what am I looking forward to??
1. the kids of course! so far we know that 20 boy scouts have registered for camp...that's just the scouts! Many of these boys we have been with both previous trips, some made personal decisions to follow Jesus last year. Can't wait to hear what He has been doing in their lives!

2. re-uniting with the Singh family - they run the camp, live there. I truly feel like they are family to kids think they are related! I love that! I know they have changed in 10 months!
3. working side by side with Almoma (mom)- she's like a sister to me! I have so much to learn from her...I will be working in the kitchen with her, 3 meals a day all week of camp. So yummy! I wanna learn how to make this!!

4.Turtles! Hopefully our timing is good and we get to see her again!

5. Getting to know our new team! Tonight we had a prayer time with some of our team. It was MUCH needed! Lord help us to take our focus off ourselves and onto YOU and YOUR PLAN!!
Can't wait to share with you what HE did!!!