Monday, September 7, 2015

September...Oh how I love you!

September has been one of my favorite months for quite a while.
Here's why....
Well this guy who I love so
will celebrate his birthday this month. 
And after The Lord chose for us to experience two losses
and a couple years of infertility,
He gave us our first miracle! 
She's two days old here in her Daddy's arms. 


proof that his hair wasn't always gray as an adult. 
I ask the hospital if they could make a birthday cake, 
they asked if it was for a boy or girl, so here's his baby boy birthday cake. Oops. 
And then there's the cropping and doodling. 
Its scrapbooking at its finest. 
It's what we did. 
Circa 1998. 

So here's another reason I'm loving this September! 
The reason why I became a Noonday Collection Ambassador 
was to help spread the joy that Noonday's impact 
is truly making around the world. 
This month we are celebrating 5 years of impact! 
And we are focusing on Uganda in September. 
Look what's happening in Uganda!

Children are cherished! 
Women are empowered! 
People have jobs! 

Oh how I love this so!! 
Let's celebrate this!! 

Here's how you can join in the celebration... 

Would you consider hosting a Noonday Trunk Show? 

Our Noonday artisan partners in Uganda need YOU! 

If you purchase Noonday through one of my September trunk shows, you get a free Funky Paper Bead Bracelet or a Safari Stack Bracelet in aqua. Your choice! 
And it gets better! 
If your Noonday purchase is at least $125 (think early Christmas gift shopping) through one of my September trunk shows, you will receive a free Jalia Ombré Necklace or a  Twilight Mukisa 
Necklace, your choice! 

And it gets even better!!!
In September, all of our Ugandan line is 
20% off!!! 

And to top of how awesome September is...
ALL of my September commission is being donated! 
Can I introduce to you two precious little punkins? 

This is precious Clara, you can read more about her Here
she was born with the precious gift of Down's Syndrome and she rocks it! 
She was in desperate need of a life saving heart surgery early this year. 

Her foster sister is sweet Ruby, you can read more about her here
Ruby has her own miracle story as her life was saved by GI surgery this Spring. 
By the grace of God  both girls got the surgeries they needed,
but the funding to cover the cost of their surgeries is still needed. 
And all the children blessed to be at New Day North are in need of monthly sponsors. 
Will you consider sponsoring one or more of these punkins? 

New Day Foster Home  depends on the generosity of donors to be able to provide the care for dozens of special needs orphans.
  Our Tessa Joy was blessed to have had her life saving heart surgery while she was in their care, all because of donations.  We are forever grateful!! 

My September Noonday commission from all of your Noonday purchases this month, 
will be donated towards the surgery funds for Clara and Ruby! 

I can't wait to see what God will do! 
Your Noonday purchase in September is having such a huge impact! 
Will you consider hosting a trunk show?
It really does have such a great impact! 
Let's rock this September!!! 


Friday, March 13, 2015

It's been too long! We are going back!

There's a beautiful little piece of heaven at the very southern part of the Caribbean Sea.
I left a piece of my heart there. 
When I'm in Trinidad and Tobago, I truly feel at home! 
I have family there! Loved ones there! 
We have gone as a family (or parts of us) to love on the children (now teens) year after year since 2008 with our church team. However the last couple years The Lord lead us to fostering and adopting which kept us home. We knew that was what was best. Thankfully, Emma did get to go last Summer! 
We've been praying. 
And it's time for some of the Rohrer fam to GO!
Madelyn, Emma & I are overjoyed to go back to love on and serve our Trini family!  

The little kids that we fell in love with back in 2008, aren't little anymore! 
We miss them all sooooo much! 
I can't wait to hug them again! 

You may have seen that we lost, and heaven gained, this young man just last week. 
Our hearts ache knowing that we won't see him again until we see Jesus. 
And in that we are also incredibly thankful that Nate and I both got to know Navin in the 3 years that he came to camp while we were there. 
We had many conversations with him about his decision to place his faith in Jesus alone. 
In his family's culture, that wasn't easy for him. It was truly a leap of faith for him! 
I could have scooped him up and taken him home with me!
 (Well I actually feel that way about all my Trini loves) 
Leaving this earth at only 16 years old is too soon! 
I don't wanna miss another Summer with these amazing kids and the Singh family! 
Life is too short! 

For several Summers, I helped cook and serve food to campers and our team...

Again I hope to be serving along side my sister in Christ, Aloma in the kitchen. 

Love like a sister! I've learned so much from her!  

See all these hungry mouths?!? They are so thankful for whatever is on the menu! 

So this Summer it will cost each of us approximately $1280 to go. 
Each year, God has provided every single $ to go! 
He is so faithful! 
Here's how we plan to earn the $...
Emma and Madelyn are pretty awesome baby sitters, money that they earn will be going towards their trip! Need a sitter? They have daytime availability too! 
I'd be happy to drive them to you too! 
You can message me or them on FB to schedule them! 

God has blessed me with a part-time job that has helped us make ends meet. Just being real here folks...this family budget is T.I.G.H.T! 
So the little that I can earn elsewhere is prayerfully going to cover the cost of the trip! 
I've got a few pallet boards ready to paint. 
Here's a couple I painted last year...

Do you have a favorite verse or song lyric?
I'd love to make a custom pallet sign for you! 

I will be selling these very soon with the proceeds going towards my mission trip cost.

Over a year ago, as a family we have been using doTerra essential oils consistently. 
We are so thankful for our improved health! 
We use them in our water, baths, homemade lotions, for household cleaning, treating illness, preventing illness and in cooking! I also use doTerra hair products and skin care line. I've been blessed by how well all of us have been over this past year! 

If anyone wants to purchase doTerra essential oils, oil blends, skin and haircare, I make 25% commission on any order off my doTerra site. I would be so thankful if you would consider ordering from me here
Please let me know if you have any questions about how to use your oils :) 

One more way I'm earning the $ I need to pay for the trip...

I've been honored to be a Noonday Ambassador since last Fall. 
It's been a challenge and a blessing. 
Adoption Fundraiser Trunk Shows have been so wonderful! 
Two families have been blessed with a check from Noonday! 
So I'd love to do another Adoption Fundraiser Trunk Show soon! 

 I'll be honest with you...
It's been a challenge finding Trunk Show hostesses. 

Noonday artisan partners from 13 different countries are quite dependent on the market place that our Noonday hostesses provide. With out hostesses, this just doesn't work. 

What has happened over the past year through Noonday??
Over $20,000 has been donated by Noonday to International Justice Mission! 
Noonday artisans have been able to keep their families together, keep their children from going into orphanages, send their children to school, stop the poverty cycle, obtain small business loans, and hire other artisans! I could go on and on! 
Please consider purchasing from Noonday... (Maybe for your Easter look, Spring family pictures accessories, Spring Break look) 
I get a 20% commission on all purchases from my site. That $ will go towards my trip cost. 
You can shop on-line and purchase from my site here 

Pretty, pretty please consider being a hostess...
I'd love to share with you the BEAUTIFUL stories of hope from our artisan partners. 
Let your home welcome in some hope! 
Just a couple hours of your time, and you'll earn free and discounted Noonday! 
Let your accessories tell beautiful stories! 
Did I mention that I REALLY, REALLY need hostesses?
You can contact me about setting up your trunk show here
Thank you!!!!!!

If you've stuck with me all the way through all that...bless your heart! 
Please let me know if you have any questions about our trip! 

What we REALLY need is prayer! 
Please pray right now for the hearts of the kids that we will be loving on. 
Please pray for the unity of our team and that each member will be fully funded by our deadlines. 
Please pray for our health and safety on our trip. 
Please pray for the Singh family as they prepare for a big 'ol bunch of crazy Trini lovin' Americans headed their way. 
Pray that the love of Jesus will shine through everything we say and do! 

Love you all bunches! ~ Amber