Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's all new!

So my good buddy Whit had me some time ago make a blanket for her mom out of her mom's old baby blanket and an old pink chenille oversized robe. It turned out so cute and I backed it with minkee, so it was even more suggley than the original.
Well Whit handed me her 70's baby blanket holes and all, and asked me to make it new again, by adding what ever I wanted to it. Ohhhh I love that freedom! So here's a *before pic*

I think you can read through it! It's got yellows, and teal-blue-greens in it, gotta love the 70's! Actually I found great fabric that went with it and I jumped right in!
I patched the holes with some shabby layed patches.

I kept adding the colors around the edges and backed it with cuddle fleece minkee...so yummy! Personally I don't think the pics do it justice :) I think she might cry, I hope she loves it!