Monday, March 3, 2014

My. Head. Is. Spinning.

This evening I opened up an email from our agency...
it was the first email from our "Travel Specialist"
what???? TRAVEL???
yep...kinda freaking out here people!
We don't know our exact dates yet,
but we will travel in 9-13 weeks.
the things that I "think" need to happen between now and then...
Only the Lord can help me get through this time.

And then I see HER FACE...
and it keeps getting more and more real that she's OUR DAUGHTER
Our Tessa Joy
But the reality is we have costs ahead of us...
Here's a few to give you an idea...
Visa fee $260
In country travel, accommodations & food $4,800
Her passport, adoption registration, photo, medical exam, $1,100
Her orphanage fee $5,700
I'm not going to add that all up.
It makes my stomach hurt.
And then there's Nate...
If he EVER worries...EVER...
I've never picked up on it.
He knows that the Lord has got this.
and he tells me not to worry.
We DO want you to JOIN US IN OUR JOURNEY to bring our TESSA JOY HOME!
There are a few ways you can stay connected to our journey...
We've got TONS of T-SHIRTS!!!!


Em is modeling our "Adopt ~ James 1:27" blue V-neck shirt (with the help of Tessa Joy)
The shirts are super soft and come in S,M,LXL
Here's one of Tessa Joy's earlier pics...goofy girl!
Em is wearing our "They Are Waiting ~ Psalms 68:6" shirt
It's a black crew neck, soft style, comes in S,M,LXL

Our friend Dave designed these two shirts just for our fam. How cool is that!
We think he likes us.
We LOVE and appreciate his work on these!
We know he and his family sure do LOVE Tessa Joy and our little Baby A.

PLEASE consider purchasing one of these shirts.
Not because I don't want to make curtains out of the ones I have left.
But I would love to see HIS message SHOWN!
It's HIS WORD on your back!
But what if someone asks you... "oh wow, are YOU ADOPTING?"
oh crap.  now what?
It's ok.  You can say no to that question.
You aren't saying no to me.
Just rehearse your answer...
"see I've got these friends I kinda know. And they are bringing home their daughter from...well we kinda think she's cute, and we kinda like this I bought this shirt from them"
(however I just might be secretly praying that YOU might be next...just so ya know)
It's a soft shirt.  Wear it to bed.  Paint in it.  up-cycle it and turn it into a pillow.
What size do ya need??
You know how to contact us....we will hook you up!!!

ok so here's another way.....

the proceeds of the sale of Everything that I have listed on Ebay,
is going towards those big numbers up there
TONS of stuff listed!!!
Just take a look here 

AND.... THIS.....
Our crazy fam is joining with the Thompson family for this HUGE LOCAL EVENT
This is NOT your grandma's Arts & Crafts Sale
Mark your schedule...SATURDAY, APRIL 5th
Like our FB page here and keep connected to this event.
We have had sooooo many items already committed to being donated!
I can't wait to see this come together!

SO there ya have it!
It's WHY my head is spinning!
(oh and then there's homeschool, and foster care renewal classes and paperwork, and dr.visits, and therapy, and my fam eats meals at least 3 times a day, and we like to wear clean-ish clothes, and this whole adoption thing has absurd amounts of paperwork, and sometimes I just wanna sit and listen to my kids and watch them love on Baby A)
Life is good.
It's more than good.
HE is writing HIS story.
We are humbled to be used of Him.
We are honored to see Him move and work.
And I couldn't do any of this with out Jesus.

If you are interested in making a tax deductible donation towards our adoption fund,
you can do so through AdoptTogether.
You can take a look at our page
Donations can be anonymous if you prefer.

We need your commitment to pray for our family.
The enemy HATES what we are doing.
We are on the winning side and our God fights for the orphan!
But there will be pain.  There is going to be more brokenness before the healing.
Please pray for Tessa Joy!

~ Amber