Thursday, October 23, 2008

Boys and Politics

Entertained for hours by the mystery of the street drain. On many sunny days I will watch my boys take off down the street for the drain. What simple pleasures the sewage system can offer the minds of boys.

Logan asked me after hearing a rustling down there "uh Momma, what do skunks do to you?"

As I began to explain what other things are more likely down there, hoping to introduce a healthy respect of drain inhabiting creatures, he quickly replied "oh yeah, they spray you!"

Poor Logan, as you can see above, the has a crack problem. He's been struggling with this issue for quite a while now. Some day he'll be thrilled to see how many pics we have of him with his crack out for all to see. He could care less now.
So here's the boys simple politics..."cool sign momma!" For us, it's not so simple, it's complicated and frustrating to see Bible believing *Christians* supporting a canidate who has no backbone, he can't even make it a point to stand up for a baby who survived an abortion, he just couldn't bring himself to vote on that scary that this man is being looked up to by so many who trust Jesus! I'm praying HARD every day that The Light will be shown and The Truth will be revealed.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ok, so today is the day I am officially going to start truly blogging. Why not? I think it will be theraputic for me, it's expressive and I'm basically enjoying the freedom of speech.
So let me point out right away, and for those of you that know me well already have accpeted this about me, I CAN'T SPELL!!! Go ahead and make your judgements, I honestly don't care much about how the word looks as long as it's phonetically readable. That's how my brain works. Ok, enough about my horrible spelling skills.
I'm off to back later...just had to get this started and I feel better already :)