Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Chirstmas thing at a time

To be honest, I'm actually NOT looking forward to getting all the Christmas decor out and up. Our tree is mammoth and it takes ALL DAY to get that thing up and running. I'm overwhelmed just thinking about it. And yet, I LOVE Christmas decorations! We've been married almost 14 years ( anny is Dec 23rd!) and it's really about time to purchase some updated Christmas decorations for around the house. Not all at once, just a little at a time.
So far, for all around great deals I hit up the Flower that crazy place! So thinking about this space in my dining room that is aching for some new decor...I love this vintage piece. We inherited this pie cabnet from Nate's Grandparent's best friends...if you are ever in my dining NOT look inside, it's a scary scary place full off seasonal half used candles, old picture frames and stragely crafted table lines
ok...back to my shopping trip...I did something REALLY crazy and took the boys there with me. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??? They are bulls in a china shop!!
They did ok with some bribing ( I know that's so bad). I had one minor behavioral issue when Logan stood next to our cart as I told him over and over "Please move around to the front buddy" as a fellow shopper was trying to get by with her cart. Which BTW...I think that ALL stored should be required to make isles wide enough for not only 2 carts side by side, BUT ALSO allow a fair amount of room to accomidate the children who ride on the sides of carts...isn't that where most kids ride??!!
Well anyway as I repeatedly asked Logan to move around, I got nothing. He just stared at me! I asked again and again, as clearly and nicely as I could, while this lady waited for her space. Hmmmm...I must have switched to my 2nd language, cause he just wasn't understanding me. Well the fellow shopper had waited long enough, she jetted down a side isle...I might have heard a *hummphhh* as she gave up on my deaf child. Anyway, he lost his priveledge to get a bribed treat...the loss of that was enough to get his attention at that point and for the rest trip he was fine. I guess that's not too bad really.
So here's what I ended up with...

a bag of small frosted pine cones $2
a bag of large frosted pine cones $3
3 silver dollar sprigs $5
2 teal sparkle sprigs $3
3 red large ornament balls $6
3 snow covered grape vine trees $6
1 bag of snow ( this was a *not really me* purchase $2
So if I did my math right, and for those of you that know me well, yes, I did use a calculator...I spent $27...not too bad, could have been much more for all this really.
And here's what I came up with...

I think now I'm ready to tackle the BIG TREE....Lord help me!!

today's craft copy

I'll admit it right now, I am NOT creative! Seriously, I don't come up with stuff on my own, I totally copy other's ideas, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.
So at the mall retail store that I work at, we have recently started selling these great scarves. They are thin cotton with frayed edges.
So being the frugal gal that I am or at least try to be...I'm thinking I could totally make these myself. How hard can it be. Oh and BTW these scarves retail for $24.50! Cute scarves, but not $24.50 cute.
So off to the fabric store I went...found a ton of plaid cotton, lots to choose from. Kinda overwhelmed really. Anyway they were on sale too! So I choose two colors, and bought two yards of each ( $14 worth of fabric). Washed it and ironed it( was super wrinkled ughhh), then cut a 18 in wide strip ( 2 yrds long). Sewed around the edges w/ a decent seam allowance, then frayed the edges. Made a lovely pile of thread! So basically I have 4 scarves total when it's all said and done for $14!!! Here they are!!
I'm thinking these will make GREAT Christmas gifts for the kids teachers!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving ~ Rohrer style

Well Smith style too :) So many have asked "ohh are you traveling for Thanksgiving?" Yep, a big trip south to Springboro ( 10 min) and the same day we head up North to Dayton(15 min) tiring! We are blessed to have both our families in town and although it's tough to have TWO BIG meals in one day, we will take it over traveling out of state etc.
It was tough though for Logan this year, his asthma was really giving him trouble, so he spent most of his days like this I pray this will be a thing of the past.
When Nate's brother and his family come for a visit, it's a MUST that we hike through the woods behind his parents house to the park. And even though that day was the coldest it had been this season, it didn't stop us...all of us! I wanted to get pics of each of the kids during the hike... Madelyn Emma
All the cousins, well that is except for little Caraline, wanted to put on a play for us at the outdoor theater, it was precious and stinkn' cold!!!
The kids didn't seem to care much about the cold, and the fact that it started sleeting, they wanted to stay and play at the park.
That afternoon we headed up North to my parents and enjoyed the meal with The Smith side of the fam. The kids had fun and we did it again on Sat afternoon too! This is my fav pic of the weekend, I love how much fun Logan and my nephew Seth have together, they are best buds.

Logan ended up on Sat taking a trip to the ER for more meds, his just weren't helping and he was really having a rough time moving air...uh kinda a big deal.
So Nate and I took him in and missed alot of time with our family :(
The weekend flew by...and now it's time to convince scrooge, I mean Nate to get the house decorated for Christmas!!!