Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Becoming a professtional Waiter...I'm not talking food service

Yep it feels like I've been training for this wait for years.  So for that, I am thankful that I feel like I have done this before.
and WAITING!!!
Let me take a moment and share with you "where" we are currently at in our process to bring our daughter home....
As a part of our Dossier (see here to see what a Dossier is), we have a stack of paperwork that goes to Immigration here in the US to get approved to be an adoptive family to a child from Ch.
Well, that's the step that we are in.
Isn't it thrilling?
There are professional adoptive families who post on trends on this step and how long it's been taking.
Who wants to guess how long?
30 days?
40 days?
50 days?
Here it is folks.... it's now taking about 60 days!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't you love it?!!
Will you join me in prayer that this step MOVES FASTER!!! For us and several close families heading to this step in a matter of days and weeks!
So what do we do in the meantime??
Oh yea... WAIT!!
And one more thing.... raise funds.
This is where my heart flutters. (maybe stops on occasion)
There are some big fees coming up after that 60 days, I mean less than 60 days, is up.
We will be sending our docs to the Ch. Emb. in NYC for authentication
So there are fees that go along with that.
Then we send everything (the Dossier) to our agency with $2,350 
and then fees to Ch, about $1,000
then another fee to our agency $1,950.
and it goes on
and on
The farther we get in the journey the more $$$$ is necessary.  YIKES!!!
We just completed our 2nd and final Adoption Fundraiser Yard Sale
So thankful for the generosity of strangers
blessed by the prayers, donations and support of dear ones
This sale brought in around $1,700!
Our next big fundraiser event is really something Nate has been dreaming about for months...
Let me just say here...
He's good
He's really, really good at playing games.
Those of you that have had played with him, you know how much he loves to play...and WIN.
But THIS game isn't about WINNING.
It's about sharing our journey
Many of you joining in this opportunity may have never heard our story
We can't wait to share it with you!
Oh man, there it is again...that "wait" word.
The game is soon though (a SUPER FUN thing to do while we WAIT)
Just weeks away, and soooooooo much planning to do!
We hope you join us!!!!