Thursday, May 2, 2013

It's all part of the journey...even a yard sale!

Who would think that SO many complete strangers are now a part of our journey to bring our daughter home! 
I planned on having our yard sale months ago, put the word out to friends and donation of items came rolling in!  TONS AND TONS!  We were blessed week after week leading up to the sale, of items bring brought to church to load up in the back of our Squatch (that's the name we gave our giant family van). 
Our family locally and out of state donated some really great things.  Just blessed over and over. 
I started praying some time ago that the Lord would bless our Adoption Fundraiser Yard Sale days. 
We are in OHIO.
It's Spring.
Enough said.
ALL day Wednesday (the day before the sale) it RAINED and RAINED.
But ya wanna know what God did?
for the next THREE days of our sale...
Guess what it did the day after our sale?  you guessed it RAINED!
He is sooooo good!
The girls worked hard on getting signs ready
My Grandma has been busy making Scrubbers and Kitchen Cleaning Cloths for who knows how long!

I've been crafting sets of elastic headbands and Non-Slip Active Headbands
The girls worked so hard in making earrings
And the girls and my nephew baked and baked!
My Mom and Dad were THE BEST HELPERS EVER!
I couldn't have been able to do this with out them!
So here's the sale.....

I was so busy keeping things going, that the only time I had to take
pics was when there was a rare slow moment.
We had sooooo many friends stop by and support us, even bringing us MORE items to donate!
Totally blessed my socks off!!
I think the best part about having the sale was being able to share our story with old friends, new friends and complete strangers.
I loved seeing over in the corner of my eye, my nephew pass out our prayer cards to people as they came up to the table to check out. He was so thoughtful!
So many generous donations! We were selling stuff like hotcakes!
AND we still have left over!!!
So in a couple weeks, we are doing this all over again!!!
Call us crazy!
My sweet friend's neighborhood is having a sale and we are joining in at her place.
I'm not sure if she's gonna know what hit her!
When I think back about the 3 glorious days, I keep going back to sharing with a sweet neighbor how clear God has made it for us to ACTIVELY PURSUE our daughter.  This sweet friend is not on FB, she hasn't seen what we've been up to and in the Winter we seem to hibernate around here.
We shared some tears and hugs. I got goosebumps all over again sharing the "not coincidences".
I loved recounting with her ALL the things He has done.
It's all a part of our journey to her....
oh...and in case you are wondering how the sale went...I had a conservative goal in my head.  Guess what God did???  HE over DOUBLED it!!! About enough to pay our next agency fee!!!