Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day!!!

Emma parked herself up against this tree after she crashed into it
Logan has issues keeping his hat straight, and he really doesn't care

So here we are...stuck at home. Not sure why I say *stuck*, cause really, it's my favorite place to be. The falling fresh snow can only call out the the kids "come play with me". And they can only give in. It takes a good 15-20 min to get them bundled and I burn massive calories working up a sweat getting them ready. I am worn out! We are down a pair of snow boots and since Clayton refuses to put his on, he and I stay safely inside. And honestly, I am totally ok with that. I think I'm suppose to feel guilty for not wanting to go sledding. It's just not fun at all for me to get all layered up and STILL be freezing. WHY would I want to do that and risk a fatal head injury as my flailing body gets hurled into the tree because I can't control the child size sled? Seriously, that is my luck! So I'm good to stay on the 2 inch ice covered porch and take pics of the kids having a ball.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008...Kinda a Big Deal


Guess I wanna make sure I don't forget all the things that have stuck out in my mind in the past year. So here's where it's all going...


I have yet to have taken the time to document about our Summer Mission changed our lives!

The amazing adventure to Trinidad... It was a blessing to see EVERY cent of our needed funds come in from friends and family who have seen our hearts desire. That truly overwhelmed us. To go on Nate's 1st foreign mission trip with him was amazing. Clayton, our 2 yr old came along with us, what an adventure!!! We pray we can go back this year! We really want to be able to bring our daughters Madelyn & Emma with us, they are old enough to be campers and I know it will be an experience that they will never forget.

We fell in love this year with the Singh Family and the children of Trinidad. I can't explain how God shows us that brothers and sisters in Christ are truly related, but He did in a heartbeat.

Honestly, every day I think about them, every day I wonder how they are and what God is blessing them and their ministry with. I pray every day for the children we got to know and love. Sharing Christ's love with them was our truest desire, and they made it so easy!

the LITTLE EMME Big Deal

My other big deal this year, was to be witness to the adventures of our dear friends Paul & April as they patiently awaited the newest member of their family, Emme.

This poor little ( and I mean little) thing waited until the last moment for her mommy & daddy to come to China to save her, literally. God's perfect timing. She is SO loved!!!! It blessed my soul to be drawn into their adoption journey. A journey that maybe someday God will bless us with.

Our daughters made an important decision this year, they wanted to be baptised! After seeing my 80 yr old Grandparents make the same step in faith, they were encouraged to also show others they are serious about their faith in Jesus! WOW! Were were blessed to be witnesses!
Nathan was privledged to lead our little guy Logan to accept Jesus into his heart just recently!

I can't say much else, it's quite emotional for me to take this all in. God is SO good. He loves His children, He wants to bless us. I am so humble...