Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The dream of every young Buckeye

Maybe it was because we were a military family, moving around from state to state. Maybe it was because of the many moves my heart was always connected to Ohio. My Dad is an OSU grad, and even as a toddler in South Dakota, I was truly a Buckeye. I remember growing up watching their games, and my sisters and I would pull out the mini-trampoline and make up cheers.
Dad loved it, I'm sure.
But the biggest game of all, every Fall was when the Buckeyes played Michigan. It IS THE BIG GAME. My Dad would get all worked up and stressed out, wondering if we could pull it off this year. It was a dream of mine to BE at THAT game someday...someday.
Nate and I *try* to get to a home game every year or so, by getting tickets off E*bay or buying tickets from outside of the stadium. Each game is very emotional for me, I LOVE being there!!!! I love the tradtion, I love all the memories it brings back to me.
Well this past week, Nate come home with a big smile on his face and said "If something good *might* happen, but I don't know yet if it will happen, would you want to know what it is now? HUHHHH????
Well then I needed to know the chance of it happening, give me a %...he said 50, so I said yet, tell me.
"well would you go to the Michigan/Ohio State game with me on Sat IF I got tickets?"
I think I about fell over, but I tried to keep myself composed, I'm the realistic one in the family...a glass is half empty.
A couple days later, Nate came home and asked me "would you go on a date with me to Ann Arbor?" AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! It happened!!! We are going!! I was so shocked and feeling so blessed! Our dear friends were so kind to let us have the tickets...I'm still overwhelmed. This was HUGE for me!
So off we went early Sat am...had to stop at Waffle House for a painful meal ( my stomach is always a wreck after I eat there, yet I still eat it. what is wrong with me?)

As we parked our car and walked toward the Big House, we saw scarlet everywhere!!! Comments were being made here and there as Blue fans walked with the crouds as well. As we walked in to the stadium...well it was CRAZY!!! I think we walked the opposite direction the whole way around to find our gate...did I saw it was nuts already...it was NUTS!!!
We found it and sat down inbetween 2 Mich fans...they didn't seem to be too excited to see us scarlet shirted fans sitting inbetween them. Although they were very nice. I tried to contain my excitement. I soaked it all in.
It was sureal that I was really THERE!

We had AMAZING Seats!!! Again, I was feeling overhwelmed with what a blessing this was, and to be there with Nate...mmmmm...LOVED IT!!!

By the 3rd quarter it was pretty clear we would win, the stands gave in to the reality and the around the stadium was a loud and clear "O!H!I!O!" The M fan behind us thought that was unsportsmanlike...sorry dude.
After the game, coach prayed with his team on the field, and lead them over to the corner where the band came and we all sang "Carmen Ohio"
Man this was good, good stuff!
As we left the stadium, holding Nate's hand I looked up to him and said " you know that this was a once - in - a - lifetime thing"...yep it was...

Friday, November 20, 2009

easy easy cuties!

I keep seeing stinkn' cute organza hair accessories that I love and I've seem them all over etsy, some up to $12 each. Well I'm too cheep and somewhat crafty to not give it a try myself, so I did. I found an on-line tutorial and gave it a shot with my girls.
Here's what we started with
of course I couldn't choose just one color, so I purchased 3 colors of organza and a few other notions. Got the candle all ready to go ( and it gave me the aroma of sugar cookies, brilliant during my sugar hiatus...ughhh)
Well then I had a bit of a trial and error moment...yep, that would be typical of moi.
Then I added a few other layers and touches and here we go...

Soooooo ya want one???? I'd love to make one for ya, and it can be made to be a pin too!!