Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Your night will become like the Noonday ~ my launch giveaway!


Often I find myself wanting to do more! 
I have a feeling you do too!
There is brokenness all around us.
My heart spills out with compassion for the fatherless.
There are mommas at the end of their ropes, no where to turn for hope. 
But what can I do? I have to do something!
At this moment, I'm pouring my life into my children; my family...my loves. 
He gave me a heart for the hurting around the world.

This is what Noonday Collection is all about! 
Satisfying the needs of the oppressed! 
I want to be a part of THIS!!! 

I am honored to now be a Noonday Ambassador!
My desire is to share the GOOD is happening!
To share what joy is coming to families as their gifts and talents are being recognized. 
Don't we all desire...
To dream big for our children and do something that brings us joy.

I will be sharing this marketplace with you! 

My children are seeing these stories of redemption too! 
I love how they are watching what Noonday is all about!
My family is seeing outside of their little world...
to be a blessing to others is service to Jesus!
Keep reading.... It gets better!!!!

So let's take a look at just one of the 10 countries Noonday is having an impact on...
The beautiful country of Uganda! 

The talented group of artisans here are a growing group of 300 who now have opportunities that they didn't have without Noonday!
 Mommas can keep their families intact
 and their children can receive educations that previously were out of reach. 
The love and care that goes into their craft is something I would like to 

Sooooo...as I launch my adventure with Noonday,

I would love to GIVE AWAY THIS NECKLACE to one of you! 

This beautiful piece is the "Lovely Loops Necklace"
(page 66 in the Fall 2014 catalog)
Handcrafted by the artisans in Uganda
Measures 22.5 inches, crafted with paper beads and mixed metals 
(Retails for $46)
You can step into the life of the Ugandan artisans here...

So for making a purchase starting today
through the evening of my Noonday Trunk Show launch, you will be entered into the drawing for this beautiful piece!
If you already own this necklace, or at the time of the drawing this necklace is not in stock,
 the winner will receive a gift voucher for $46.

I hope that you take a moment and take a look around my Noonday Collection website HERE
You can scroll through the on-line catalog,
Then shop by clicking on the tabs at the top of my page. 
Noonday showcases scarves, handbags, belts and home accessories as well as jewelry...all crafted by hand with love from 28 different artisan groups around the world!
Make sure you complete your shopping and order at 
As you complete the checkout process,
Make sure you are entered into my necklace giveaway drawing by
Choosing my name as your Noonday Ambassador (Amber Rohrer)
Your Trunk Show Name is: Amber's Launch
Your order will ship right to you! It will process as soon as you submit your order! 
I can't wait to see how much you will fall in love with Noonday like I did! 

There is one other REALLY BIG THING that made me fall in love with Noonday! 
So much so that you can host an Adoption Fundraiser Trunk Show for an adoptive family
and Noonday will donate 10% of the sales in cash towards their adoption!
That's a heart for the orphan!

So excited that a few sweet friends have already set up their Noonday Trunk Shows!
As a host you get to hear more about the stories of the artisans,
bring their craft right into your home, share their beautiful stories with your loved ones,
and enjoy hostess rewards.

Use your purchasing power to make a difference!
Get to know how Noonday is supporting the International Justice Mission!
Bringing justice and hope to the hopeless.
This little punkin' will be drawing the name of the winner of the necklace on the night of my
Noonday Trunk Show ~ Tuesday, September 16th.
But just ONE winner.
The sooner you place your order, the sooner your Noonday pieces will be in your hands!
Be a part of something BEAUTIFUL!
Give a gift that truly has a story of hope.
Start checking off gifts on your Christmas list!

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